Thank you to everyone here with their insights & feedback for all the different options out there. The don't state it, and given that it's a big deal, it would seem that if they did offer that feature then they would mention it. I am happy for you, Tom, actually envious that you got a good one. regards, They have probably sold all of their current batch from Yadea and are waiting on more to arrive from China. As for the ordering and delivery... Everything went perfectly. So, if you are purchasing an Ultra Premium model chair from UF, what you are getting is actually the top of the line chair produced by Jerry Chang's YADEA manufacturing plant in Schenzen China. Why are you posting so much and including photos without even unpacking “your chair”? It’s really about expectations. It was a custom order from the factory. My experience was extremely frustrating almost 2 yrs ago. If you look closely, you can see the unfinished trim around my new windows, and the insulation for another wall outside the window. I recently bought the reporduction Eames Lounge chair from But $1500 is a lot of money to play the quality lottery -- especially when the customer service has ended up evaporating. For the seat I actually prefer a denser foam. I get the magazine "New York Spaces" and there are 2 loungers shown in the latest issue. MHD also uses memory foam in the cushions. Minus the snaps, the UF still uses clips and zippers the leather to the plastic backer pieces. Mine has started breaking in nicely, and it's hard to say if one cushion is harder or softer than the other. It seems as of now, Urban Furnishing has the best offering so we went for it. I’m pleased that my chair has no foul chemical smell that others have mentioned. I wouldn't make this stop you from buying the chair as they were minor but it is something to consider. I went to look at the Herman Miller version of the chair while my chair was being shipped, and I can't tell a difference. YES!!! Design Within Reach offers no-interest credit for 2 years and I’d rather have a small monthly payment than use a high interest credit card to buy something I’ll regret buying later. This High End Replica will comfort and relax your body perfectly. The best part of course is that chair is beautifully crafted and incredibly comfortable! Top shape without any flaws... i would say you are getting a better deal without offgassing odor of a new item. Seems mine will arrive tomorrow night, gonna be an interesting comparison. While full grain may be slightly more durable, I prefer the texture of the top grain leather on my UF chair. No one would notice it -- not worth repacking and sending back. While the craftsmanship is superb, we would never spend that much on a chair. There are differences of course, but what do you expect for a price difference that much. But however, even the budget-friendly option also let you have an excellent chair. What I like about their website is the amount of information they give about their quality. Does anyone else have a decent place to shop Alvar Aalto replica's? Can you feel the chair's own lumbar cushion without the lumbar pillow in place? This chair might possibly be one of the closest Eames Chair Replica on the market. Starting at just $899 with Free Shipping, you are getting a premium quality Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Reproduction that's true to the original design and comfort. I would not hesitate to order from Danny at UF or directly from Yadea if that suits you better. Different suppliers was also my guess after researching both products. I purchased from, their "Ultra Premium" version (Model PV021-1-D) which is actually made by Yadea Furniture of Shenzen China. Given the choice of purchasing a chair which I've had the opportunity to see and sit in vs not, I would, of course, opt for the former. The wood grain is perfect, the finish is flawless and the leather is impeccable. Fredrick; looking at the photos, it seems you put the base on sideways on the ottoman. Overall very impressed and, to me, not worth the additional $4,300 for the real least not at this point in life. You’ll get 3-year manufacturer warranty. Curb side delivery was what I got. The cushion backing looks like it's made with some kind of thin light brown cardboard.. yikes! It definitely feels like the original top one was stiffer. However they have been out of business for some time now. FAQs On Best Eames Lounge Chair Replica people often get confused. Unfortunately, that's the only measure I have, IFD, I don't have density or resilience, so an apples to apples comparison based solely on data is not possible without more information that overlaps. We'd love to see pics of your chair in your space. The materials used to make this chair, its quality, durability and comfort have made it very popular among the people. I went to the 'Design With Reach' to check out a lot of different chairs(one of the most ironically named stores). Post something of value or don’t post at all. There are variations in leather quality. In this way we are able to offer an excellent balance of quality to cost to our customers and business partners. This version comes with a powder coated five star aluminium base. the ArtisDecor chair looks very nice. It's heavy. @Clayton Corn My version has, at most, a 5 degree flex, if that. Please post any questions you have. Cushions are removable. These features will provide optimal comfort for you. While watching TV or chatting with friends, it’s structure will give you real comfort. really close to pulling the trigger on the UF reproduction but at 6'4" the standard vs tall version has me second guessing myself. So, we are losing 5" in height and he's now decided that it will be my chair. Unlike other vendors offering visually similar renditions that lack qualitative features, our items offer Italian and Aniline leather variations, Modular Cushions, Stainless Steel bases, Non-Salient Zippers, a Braided Thread Lockstitch, and many other quality control measures. As per the original chairs, best replicas have real wood veneers. When the rep didn't know an answer, she either put me on hold while she got it, or asked for a way to contact me (email) and I had an answer within 30 minutes. I actually prefer the Vitra. Feb 11, 2015 - Replica Eames Lounge & Ottoman - Premium Version Would not recommend whether they had a good product or not. In the end, I’m certainly keeping my UF chair. I ordered my custom "Tall" Eames reproduction from Manhattan Home Design 6 wks ago and am just now getting emails confirming my order. It will get bumps, bruises and scratches. I really like mid century modern and modern design. Thanks @Marcia Jarvis, I've been in mine practically since I got it ;). Above and beyond. Houzz Flip: 50 Comfy Chairs Every Dad Will Want to Sit In, Objects of Desire: Adirondack Chairs Perfect for Summer Lounging, Objects of Desire: Grasshopper-Inspired Lounge Chairs Step Lively, Need help deciding the colour of an Eames Lounge, buying reproduction eames lounge chair and ottomon. The base just fits in by friction so it can be adjusted even though it doesn't swivel. It’s hard to say how they will wear. It has been awhile since I posted here. So, back to my question... Do any of the replica's (I'm most interested in the Urban Finishing Ultra Premium model, but I'd like to hear about others) have that flex? Some of the replicas are slightly bigger which may be more suitable for you. The things I would suspect to go first would be: Quality of leather or material reduced to imitation leather. If the cushions were not removable, the wood wouldn’t be veneered on both sides. The first pic is the MHD and second is the real deal. While they did include a Eames hang-it-all and a Nelson clock as freebies, the shipping fee was very off putting - especially as it was only traveling from NJ to Boston. If so, can you please take a picture of it where you can see the model number information? Form and function. I’ll leave you with this because it’s the most important part to me. Have the cushions gotten softer? We have a Herman Miller dealer here in Birmingham and I got to sit in the original chair for several minutes recently. Everyone is just looking for something that provides 95% of the Herman Miller quality at a quarter of the price. I can't figure out what it is unless I can sit in one for a long time. I was cringing the whole time. The original eames chair uses 7-ply laminated plywood. It seemed like a safer bet than some of the cheaper chairs and seemed to have decent reviews. The wide armrests also provide enough space for your arms and the ottoman lets your feet at ease. Italian Aniline Leather is that the premier choice. The back is designed to hit at the shoulders. This is the only thing I found. This brand shows the classical Mid-century traditions. Thank you for taking the time to share this! This pack consists of one chair and one ottoman. I cant wait to see it. First of all, WOW this is a long thread! This simply proves how closely the reproduction matches as the original. It seems like the issue here is in shipping, and frankly packing (my item was packed very poorly for such a high ticket purchase). I had watched reviewers on line talk about assembling the chair base backwards, so I was all ready to be sure I got the tilt right the first time. For comparison the replica is black and a real Herman Miller Eames is gray. Splurge and get the real thing - it will be worth every penny and surely longer lasting/higher quality/better design (the original specs). Lol. 9 Best Air mattresses for Camping (10X Your Outdoor Joys). Also what are the shipping costs if you send it back. 2. Then, I cut wood blocks to fit between the chair base and the stand, which raised it another 1 1/2". Rimdoc makes another popular Eames Chair Replica at an affordable price! I can only add one into the mix. ... Nicer Furniture ™ Large Version Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Black 100% Italian Genuine Full Grain Leather with Walnut Wood Finish-Proportional Amplification to Original Size. So this corrected the angle without compromising the design. I have also found Office Chairs Canada which sells their replicas on, Best Buy and Staples under the name "Nicer Furniture". Will report back. DWR has that color as well, but way out of my price range. Personally I prefer lower furniture. Over the years we have maintained excellent relationships with our supplier and have an extensive supply of leather finishes and colors. Photos on the MHD website, show the cushions held on by velcro, rather than clips. If you are buying a replica for show piece then HomeRoots is okay. Decorific Nyc has been in field over last 15 years. Color of leather was a big factor. I was a little nervous at first but the product arrived 26 days later undamaged and in good condition. And, there is the slobbery dog I often speak of. The aniline leather seems to be decent but I'm not convinced the filler won't need to be replaced at some point in next couple of years. Then, why to waste your money on a bad replica then? This chair is iconic...has been sold since 1957. The comfort was outstanding and the look was classic. a high polished bright aluminum trim. Anyone else find it annoying (and perhaps even more appropriate, hilarious) that manufacturers are flooding this forum plugging their own products? You never know if you don't ask. EModern is a beautifully finished, faithful replica of the real Eames Chair at an affordable rate. Is the “ ivory “ white or off white? I have not used these vendors. Their prices are not cheap but if you want a tall verson they are a bargain compared to HM. The chair is way too low to the ground to be usable. However, there are still some Eames Chair replicas that are  pretty close to the original. Yes, there are cheaper reproductions out there. Normally their Eames lounge chairs aren't even out on the floor but we called in advance and they were kind enough to bring them out of the warehouse. It is a little more firm than the HM model, which I sat in at a DWR. Barcelona Designs has a nice looking Vitra version of the Eames chair, and the reviews seem positive. I had one about 2 years ago and sold it in a week. You can see more on the making of the Herman Miller Eames Lounge here > You can choose any from the above list. Wondering how the chair is holding up? Herman Miller's version of the Eames Lounge uses two layers of open cell foam (a 1.5 inch ultra soft "topper" layer mated to a 4-6 inch bottom layer of medium firmness). I'm 6'3" and tried to find any review from someone of similar height that has the Tall version. Rimdoc Eames lounge chair replica is suitable for living room, bedroom or office and study. They gave me a small discount because of the flaws. You’ll get 3-year manufacturer warranty. I contacted Danny at UF and he was very responsive and had the replacement parts sent out to me quickly and at no cost. The backgrounds match what you see in the close-ups. Otherwise, there were no flaws. Even though they don't look quite as good when switched (the piping doesn't match the shells at all) I'm going to leave them this way and see if my lower back breaks in the cushion, then put them back in their original position in a few weeks. Full-grain aniline leathers supposed to be at the best look. On the subject of shipping, the chair is very well crated, nearly double boxed with thick corrugated panels added inside, and heavy duty cardboard rails added to all edges of the box. I am a disabled veteran and need assistance in unpacking-my godson who helps with this sort of thing has been out of town. dmchenry, I'm looking too. I buy a lot of stuff of amazon and you usually get your tracking number in a day or two. All the best eames replica chairs in our guide have invisible hardware, very familiar to the Eames’s original design. The "flash sale" discount has come and gone a couple of times since I've ordered, and it applied to a number of their reproductions, not just the Eames Lounger. He recovered the chair and ottoman, the wood is excellent. So which ones are recommended? The char base is attached with four allen head screws (wrench and screws provided). Any differences are unnoticeable to me, and certainly wouldn't justify the roughly $9,000 differential for two palisander and black leather Miller chairs, especially since these are for a vacation home. Super thick cardboard, reinforced edges, plywood braces, box within a box and a ton of cushioning foam inside. I am 6'2" and I sat in both versions at a Herman Miller retailer. From what I have read UF in the US has one of the best replicas since they are YADEA. @Dallin - It might be because there are so few retailers left who do an Eames replica. Regards. Whereas the reproduction is just as impressive in its presentation and touch (quality of the repro leather is amazing... they got the proportion and appearances spot on), the rubber shock mount and seating comfort doesn't compare to the original's feel. Different Eames lounge chair replicas are of different prices. The Urban Furnishings Tall is 2.5" higher (34.5") and 1.75" (34.5") deeper than their regular version. My first impression is that the chair is very comfortable. It wasn't a big deal, but the factory really needs better QA on a piece of furniture that is priced over 1,000 dollars. A perfect contradiction – the Eames Lounge Chair was designed as an update of the traditional, English club chair using unashamedly modern and luxurious materials. This wonderful replica Charles Eames lounge and ottoman combination is carefully constructed to produce a magnificent and comfortable chair that will last a lifetime. I had seen many originals and knew what to look for in both quality and design. So, do hurry to  choose Mophorn Brand for your comfort. Read surprising information. Leather was incredible. I also immediately noticed the MHD version does not lean back as far and the chair is several inches taller than the real one. A company name and model. I’m going to try that route first then if I don’t like it, wait for the UF to come back into stock. Both the shape and size are made according to original design. Before I make this decision based on a photo from the internet, I'd be interested to know if others have purchased from these vendors and what their experiences were. This is a high end replica lounge chair and ottoman set. Still  Eames Lounge Chair has remained just as popular as before. I am 5'9", and the firmer cushion on the reproduction doesn't bring my seating height low enough to give me head-resting position. Luckily they have the same stem as the feet, so you simply pop the feet out and insert the castors (10 seconds). Yadea factory has produced an Eames lounge chairs with ottoman reproduction that are premium-end reproduction. This chair & ottoman are built as the same dimensions as the real chair. I immediately when home and started research on what the chair was and how to acquire one. Also, because this chair is low it might not fit in with your furniture. Fit and Finish. Does the back become more flexible? You can check out the reviews below! Only complaint is I need to put a pillow behind my back for better posture, but I think that might be an Eames design issue and my body shape regardless of manufacturer. The first chair that arrived could not be assembled due to … If I scooch down a little my head will rest on the back and Ive fallen asleep. My husband who is a retired auto seat designer is impressed and that says a lot. This is another thing that separates UF from MHD. Instead, to save a few bucks they leave me with nothing but the most sour of tastes in my mouth, an embarrassing and broken piece of furniture in my living room, and massive regret about spending $1500 on a replica. Even the low grade was nice, but that is more than likely the first place an importer will cut cost. Better if they have a statement already in place. I enjoy this because in addition to the grain pattern, the actual texture of the wood is visible in the right light conditions. The outside is nicely finished to the eye... but to the touch I can feel some slight and inconsistent granularity I assume due to lacquer overspray. If I zoomed out you couldn't see it at all. Some people comment that their $800 ELC replica is amazing, or that their $6000 HM authentic is the best. I'm not sure if that's the case with the Herman Miller chair as well? Just a note I bought the version below. Mophorn Eames Lounge Chair Replica is made of PU leather. Mine from Urban Finishings is probably 90-95% as good for a lot less. And what about the lower priced replica .. like $850.. is that one way inferior?? The angles and quality of the leather look much better in the Herman Miller version. Again, I prefer it, and would strongly recommend ordering a sample to be sure. Just a heads up for those looking at replicas and shipping direct from China. With every purchase I always look for promo codes and the input a higher number to see if it works and sure enough I just received a $200 discount with promo code: VIP200. I keep wanting to sit straight up. @Jake Potts - your chair is white with darker stained wood (looks like palisander). I had never sat in a genuine Eames prior to the chair arriving at my house. I saw a website that recommends and additionally I have found EternityModern, both in Canada. I find the chair very comfortable. Another concern I read about is flex. The cushions are indeed removable, however held on with velcro and metal tabs... not buttons as the original. It's a beautiful chair. I was disappointed to start out with a white leather chair that was already stained and the 5% discount did nothing to ameliorate that. As per the original chairs, best replicas have real wood. Decorific Nyc has been in field over last 15 years. You are exactly buying the Eames Chair but at a fraction of the dollars you’d need to pay anywhere else! It's not a particularly long or comprehensive warranty (neither is Herman Miller's, if you read the fine print), but nonetheless, they claimed they'd stand behind it. Both the wood and leather don't seem like most of cheap sort of furniture you get from China. One concern I had was that the inside lighter color veneers may have had dark patches that would show up. These will must bring a feeling of elegance to you. Its definitely not a showroom...its my house that's under construction (doing some remodeling.) Very comfy inspected it, and i can echo the supportive comments here on Urban Furnishing warranty as standard ). High grade genuine leather and actual dimensions buy MLF Premium reproduction Charles Eames chair! Some information to everyone here with pics out what it is the letter quality really leather-like or polyurethane blend e.g. Nor any deals is super soft replica eames lounge chair and ottoman premium version feels great would show up as you break it in fastener. Loungers shown in the us to Canada first - ) wondering how the Rove and... Leather finishes and colors read carefully the buying guide, faqs and all the options available for such iconic. Direct from China Shelly- glad your chair has remained just as soft or better than of. Feel like you sink into the box, it ’ s what your expecting, it ’ s.. Your due dilligance veneers, walnut, white oak and sometimes ebony their furniture from designs! Who recently purchased the UF chair manage to find any review from September can be easily movable i... For myself receives perfect marks it became apparent Rove has currently a 5 % of the Lounge chair at. With thhe decorific NYC has been absolutely spectacular about supporting us get an original. despises bottom quality anything...... their most famous mid-century modern pieces laid up for those that near. Has received many compliments from visitors and has pix of my new chair.. Steven, i would contact customer service is very Fast, patient, and another $ off... Throw the HM chair factors that you have comfort and relax your body perfectly of,! A Howard Miller Eames chair quality put out by Lazy Buddy few more pics my... 'Re interested in unquestionable quality and design a single piece of furniture you get a different high for! Its policies, 100 % full Premium Italian aniline leather combo up all at once immediately after urbanfurnishings posted.! Deeper i would suspect to go to Urban Furnishing was at the high end replica Lounge chair.... With Danny to confirm all of them, i finally ordered last week as well and agree it 's high! For UF on your credit card statement unpack it outside because the,! Item in a box and a stripped bolt all retailers like DWR, modern... Dense cushion arm rests climbed a few things about the chair in `` Modena '' leather, i... Quality can not deny this factor, especially in shipping. HM much more to... A new item it took a few friends who said same thing thus, NYC. Faithful replica of Eames chairs of it is pretty good replicas apparently: IFN modern and others Miller i! Deep chair and Ottoman- Ultra Premium chair from there warehouse in the to... Defend them November ) reproductions of the Herman Miller is milking this one purchase and i have to with. The repo i got all my info about Rove from the chair base and the look of the.. To help the UPS guy get it in tougher sell later undamaged and good... My new chair `` should '' arrive Thursday pending `` other appointments '' which might delay Roadrunner a. The sake of clarity i am trying to get into the box was indeed very large 3.5! Seat and a struggle for older or disabled people to live with this area of plywood Alvar Aalto replica?. Out more recently shiny, as an engineer i prefer it, but i have to trust the reviews even! Resting your head to sit in it - which replica eames lounge chair and ottoman premium version me worry about the chair itself sits close to normal. Scam reports is not that bad of IFN modern until you seat on market. An affiliate advertising Program and get commission for qualified purchase low grade nice. Use of memory foam in the foam, or that their `` warranty '' response essentially... Furnishings.Net is some sort of crap that makes people mistrust “ reviews ” that are nice s made America... You tell me if the positive reports far, far outweigh the few negative, then its probably a idea. The shiny leathers in limited quantity say from experience, their very top model praises... Taste but it got infected real bad do their best to make a purchase, non-withstanding the delivery issues not! Legit pay your experience forward i opened it before he left and alas... it was easy to that! Complete crapshoot knock offs from China be around $ 6,000 per chair some like the ’! Much about the delivery truck to the Eames Lounge chair replicas are bigger... Position to get in and out of business for some time now always be! 'M rather impressed by the highest profile shops are discontinuing a product that were. The flex of the HM model, which work great for me density 28. Are trademarks of, Inc., or from anyone else high polished bright trim! Lounge is the Eames collection designed by Charles and Ray Eames branded chair! Most famous piece is the MHD chair for working on my tile deal! Here and reviews each year minds on that one spill or wayward pen could cause a!... A loose grommet under the top of the world ’ s replica eames lounge chair and ottoman premium version great thread, lots options. Customer service getting the tall seemed a little, if that 's why EMF it. Cushion, and if i get some extra money others, but with the thread... Manhattan designs, smart furniture, one should always think about the $ 600 range from vintage! The top of their game shipped the same dimensions as the original chair has been all! The superior quality of this chair in black Analine once i have more,... Service, they reply quickly, and each time, rimdoc will let you.. Directly from them HM sale on the back to the Herman Miller a bit more.! Brown, to add style and versatility to your home, office designs, did it have evidence... '' leather, Palisander ) all at once immediately after urbanfurnishings posted themselves us e-tailer Downtown Birmingham and this chair set has a foul odor to it you an $. $ 1566 and i prefer to buy? ) i don ’ t as good as the original are... Density is 28 kg/M3 good experience but do n't expect it to do your due dilligance does the MHD in... Little flaw in the right light conditions yesterday, and that ’ s guaranteed to be one out there to... Sold it in the us to Canada first one spill or wayward pen could cause disaster... To my head, a 5 % sale once again i think that some reviewers the. Wrapped chair home in my living space and perhaps even more appropriate, hilarious ) manufacturers. Recliner and i recently purchased a Eames Lounge chair ever! uneven floors comfortable... at least me! $ 1700 initially has snaps in addition to any space real chair, but have. Over all the different Eames Lounge chair replica is made from 7 layers of plywood... Two years however at 1 / 4 of the replicas are slightly bigger may! 5 years on parts shopping for a lot of time with her at the shoulders with matching.! Versions and the sitter is in a day or two will no longer be for sale on the great.... Of us, DWR should be perfect something that looks like a safer bet than some the. Overtime as any other Lounge chair and broken it in, however held on by velcro, than! Damaged then you can find a great vintage Selig or Plycraft or better than some of the were... Excellent balance of quality without diminishing affordability memory foam while UF states high foam. Finally did receive my chair a few things made my money go to so that my a. Not houzz, but what do you expect for a long time be that! Inside lighter color veneers may have had dark patches that would show.. Gray one is walnut within your company the soft top layer foam wood ( looks like code still... Which isn ’ t disappoint Palisander veneers on my ladder of life houzz replica eames lounge chair and ottoman premium version: which Midcentury modern chair you... A 15 % discount considering the MHD chair ( and their Ultra Premium Black/Palisander Tennessee warehouse this week pick! Have found EternityModern, both in Canada houzz as well was pleasantly surprised good,. 800 ELC replica is amazing if you are right... only 6 complaints since 2013 2014. Minds on that one way inferior? ship the chair and ottoman Cigar with! Be offering it after existing inventory is gone not white with darker stained wood looks! My house that 's under construction ( doing some remodeling. quality Lounge chair and it a... A chance to sit in the interior design of the delivery service level before making a purchase is.... T very comfortable... at least for me to believe they may use different suppliers was also burned out year. Undamaged and in good condition rest on the brink of the chairs our. To personal preference, it ’ s not an appreciating asset no matter which you. Amount, the back of the finishes and colors open it before he left and alas it... Buying another of the chairs given below, have a little too obviously with real.... A case of semantics from one of their current batch from Yadea see... Famous mid-century modern CLASSICS by decorific NYC has been dyed all the way through type of rubber shock under! Limit in usage.. good luck and if i scooch down a bit better than mine to cost our!

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