Love the look of the new bb1 and bb29. I have a slight inside-outside-inside arc when I putt. I’d love to see how they compare. Either of the 2 look good to me in the BB1 or BB29. I’ve been using a Ram Zebra mallet since 1989 and I’m ready to change over to the BB56. I currently use a Scotty Cameron that’s about 10 years old (can’t recall the model). I’m currently playing a TaylorMade Spider that’s in need of an upgrade since it isn’t balanced right for my stroke and setup. Very cool lineup from Bettinardi! No Interest if paid in full in 6 mo on $99+. Currently game a TaylorMade Ghost Black Tour. Current Bettinardi SS2 and if I would be lucky enough I’d love the BB29! I would love to play a BB29 with a jumbo grip. Linguists reading this know that bolassic is the accepted conjugation of bold and classic. I currently game the Odyssey Versa 2. Recently picked up a Studio Stock #8 and put a FlatCat on it but haven’t gamed with it yet. £182.73. I have a Tour Edge putter that is similar, it does the job fine. Currently have a Odyssey Backstryke with a 5.0 grip. Maybe I should buy a Bettinardi putter to go with my Racing driver. The Holy Grail for me. Gaming an Odyssey Fang. Currently abuse a two ball Odyssey that consistently three putts. I currently play an Odyssey Metal-X D.A.R.T and I like the look of the BB56; nice contrast with the stainless steel weight and I’m a fan of the big alignment aid, need all the help I can get! I love the classic BB1, can’t go wrong there but I would def game the BB56 too! The BB56 would be looking fantastic in my hands. Mid: $81.00. – Love the look of the BB29 I think that the BB1 is where the “classic” descriptor fits best. Introduction Bettinardi has enjoyed one of the best summers in the company’s history. I like the look of the BB29 the most of the line up. Currently gaming a Rife Tour Blade 460 (put back in the bag when my Ping Specify got chipped) and it has been doing well. If you are looking for a putter with 1/4 toe hang, you’ll need to check out the Studio Stock or Queen B lines. My gamer is the Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport … the one that catches my eye is the BB29 or the BB01, love the blades. I would choose the BB56 or the BB29, I currently use a Bobby Grace Fat Lady Swings counter balanced putter with a Flatso 3.0 backweighted grip. I have to disagree with the author about the inovai 3.0. But that alignment line on the BB56 screams my name, I’ve always had issues with aligning my putter correctly and this putter would probably fix that. I currently game the SS 16 and can attest that super fly mill face is very soft. Love the blade/mallet hybrid design. I really like the Inovai 5.0 center shaft. Bettinardi 2018 BB56 Putter $ 195.00 Select options. an aggressive Bettinardi milling technology ? My fingers are crossed. The Bettinardi BB Series 2018 range of putters take some of their classic shapes and some new ones to give a range of 4 putters in a new Matte Black finish The first BB Series came out in 1999 and the BB1 Anser style putter is still in the range and features the same Super-Fly Mill face milling pattern that appears on the other models too. Find what you’re looking for, for even less. Definitely the BB1 does it for me Honestly I probably putted better with the BB29 but just couldn't get over the boxy look. Current gamer is Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Black #1 Putter. Bumpers line up square. The iNOVAi 3.0 looked way better but was not my friend when it came to actual hole hitting. Currently gaming a Rife 2-bar hybrid mallet with a superstroke counterweight grip. Bettinardi Putters. For over 15 years gamed a Cleveland Classics II & the BB29 looks a possible challenger, nothing else has ever come close . Both seem like they are what I’m looking for. The BB56 is my favorite in this lineup. It would be a blessing and a true xmas miracle if I were able to have something of this caliber in my bag! Current: Scotty Cameron Squareback #1. They have a great feel and seem to get the ball rolling immediately. I mentioned above that the FIT face feels softer than the Super Fly milled face, and for me, this translates to better distance control. Game the bb8 wide raw. Inovi 5.0 Center shafted appears to be a magic wand. I agree with the article that their attempts at mallets have been less than desirable. Current gamer: limited RJB bb29 putter and love the feel of the bettinardi line and cannot wait to try their 2018 line up. Would love to have one. 超歓迎された BB29 2018 Bettinardi Putter パター BB29 2018 ベティナルディ 最新記事 中古 Cランク (フレックスS) ダンロップ XXIO FORGED(2013) 6S XXIO MX4000(アイアン) S 男性用 右利き アイアンセット IR ゼクシオ カーボン 中古ゴルフクラブ Second Hand PUTTER BETTINARDI BB29 2018 Rp 0,00 Traditional heel-toe weighted blade with a square frame and mid-slant neck. Probably the BB1 or BB29. Currently using a Ben Hogan by Bettinardi. I’m currently using a Bobby Grace Crossbow, but always love to try a new putter. Currently gaming with TaylorMade Ghost Spider Si Putter with counter balance in the grip. Currently gaming an EVNROLL ER5 but am not 100% sold on it. Bettinardi BB29 Putter. I am a rocking a “defective” Ping Karten Anser 5, because I was able to get it for next to nothing. This one too will hopefully make its way into Most Wanted testing. Extremely soft feel. I have a Model 1 Kutcher I absolutely love, but the black has me drawn in. I’ve been playing a center shafted Rife 2-bar mallet for years. A putter-obsessed recreational golfer, constantly striving to improve his game while not getting too hung up about it. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. I’d love to try the BB1 to see how the milled face feels in comparison but the BB56 would be a great transition putter. The BB1 is pure class! It’s an English professor favorite. Would also like something a little more soft- feeling as well. Its one thing to claim highMOI, but show me the numbers, i suspect bettinardi doesn’t publish these because they aren’t as high as some other brands. I liked that you could turn it sideways and see a face, but the big “mouth” of stainless always looked strange, much like the older BB50s I suppose. Have been using TaylorMade Corza Ghost mallet putter confidently for years, Bettinardi BB56 looks like to be a good putter to upgrade with, hope a new one can come my way this Christmas. My Scotty Cameron has improved my putting but the center shaft iNOVAi5 looks to eliminate the visual twist I see in the Cameron. Now I’m not saying that the BB29 is blocky, but damn, the BB29 is blocky! When you drop it behind the ball, you know exactly where the ball is headed. It produces a great sound and roll off the face. I have a Ping Answer 2. With this in mind I asked Sam Bettinardi the following question: What technology is present in the Bettinardi putters that will actually help golfers make more putts? I just love it that much. Used the Bobby Grace until it accidentally got broken, would love that new INOVAI 5.0 centre as it looks amazing, Thanks for this opportunity. As a left hand golfer, it is a pity that we don’t have chance to get all models of this fantastic brand. Like the weight and the lines of the 56. Currently game a Scotty Cameron Newport Select 3. They either look too clunky or too modern (new SC Futura line). She’s a beaut Clark! I’ve owned more than one putter where the geometry at address confuses my eye. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months. Qualifying purchases could enjoy No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more. I would love to get a chance to try the BETTINARDI INOVAI 5.0 with a normal grip. My preference would be BB1 or even a BB29 since I currently game a Ping Anser and am used to the looks. Good luck everyone! Hook a brotha up! If your Guaranteed Delivery item isn’t on time, you can (1) return the item, for a refund of the full price and return shipping costs; or (2) keep the item and get a refund of your shipping costs (if shipping was free, get a $5 eBay voucher). Thanks for giving one of these putters away. Odyssey 2-Ball and Ping Ketch in the bag. Bettinardi 2018 BB29 Putter – Jumbo Grip $ 210.00 Select options. 2018-BB29 요약정보 및 구매 2018년 베티나르디 BB시리즈입니다. Really dig some of these new ones!! I’m willing to bet that some of you were not even playing golf, or alive, in 1979. A little new tech goes a long way on an established design. The BB1 has my attention. Loving the look and would love to be picked. Would love to try BB56. I do like it but I’m always looking for the Holy Grail of putters! My gamer is a Odyssey Tank 7 that’s lipped more putts than it has made. A bit later, I realized that they look a whole lot like the bumpers on the Signature 6 from 2013. I feel my putting needs more feel and acccurqcy, need to change to a bettinardi.. Odyssey 2 Ball in the bag for many years. Currently use a Nike Method Mc3i, Current = odyssey 2 ball. Currently gaming an old rife legend 2 bar mallet. I play an Odyssey 2 ball putter, would like to win the Inovai 5.0. I’ve been gaming an Odyssey Metal-X Milled #2 (33″) for a few years now. The new “BLOCKY” BB29 looks interesting. I have had Yes putters as my gamer three different times all 35″. I like the putter but I am in the market for a mallet with a little help. The BB56 answers that with the definitive alignment. I’d sure love to try the 56 tho! I would love to play a new BETTINARDI INOVAI 5.0 CENTER SHAFT. I would like to try the BB39 although it was a hard choice they all look great. I am loving the new BB56 because it reminds me of a high end PING Ketch. By relocating the stainless steel weight directly behind and above the equator of the ball at address, combined with a high MOI head shape, the Center of Gravity is raised resulting in consistently solid contact and proper roll, even on miss hits. We’re experiencing a difficult patch in the relationship…I’d love to try the BB56. The cavity and the edges of the putter line up square as well. I like all the Bettinardi lines designed for Ben Hogan. I appreciate what Bettinardi is doing with the forward necks but that isn't for me, looks unnatural and looking beyond aesthetics, I don't seem to put well with them. Fresh Deals this Way. Those of you who have followed my putting foibles through my years here at MGS know that distance control (aka eighteen inches short) is my primary putting issue. The Bettinardi 2018 BB29 putter is a blade style putter with a stealth black finish. I’m currently using a Wilson Staff Infinite “The Bean”. You can expect the BBs in the even-numbered years, and the SSs in the odd for the foreseeable future. That's right—you get a brand new, still-in-the-plastic club to try for two weeks for just $25. I game a Bettinardi Studio Stock 28. My current gamer is an odyssey versa #6 BWB. Learn how your comment data is processed. I currently run the Odyssey White Hot Pro 1 and its a solid stick but looking to upgrade. I’ve used my current (and ancient) Odyssey white hot #7 forever due to the soft feel. The Betti that interests me the most is the BB29 but I should probably take the Innovai 5.0 for a test ride since I have alignment issues. Really interested to see if the BB56 could throw a wrench in my desperate pursuit for perfection. The new BB56 looks great and would look even better in my golf bag. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, (your email address will not be published), First Look: Limited-Edition PING PLD Prime Tyne 4 Putter, First Look: The 3D-Printed Cobra KING Supersport-35 Putter, Bettinardi Hexperimental High MOI Prototype, Material: Soft Carbon Steel (BB56 is 6061 aluminum and 303 stainless steel), Dexterity: BB1 & BB56 Right and Left Handed/BB29 & BB39 Right Handed only. で発売中! 人気のアイテムがたくさんあります プロも御用達のパター、Bettinardi BB Series BB29 Putter【ゴルフ ゴルフクラブ>パター】。 スポーツ・アウトドアの本格派もお気軽派も、 パターを買って楽しみましょう! 商品説明が記載されてるから安心! Love the look of the bb29, bb1, and as always their bb39 mallets. My Current gamer is Wilson 8802 Currently playing the spider tour black. Bettinardi 2018 iNOVAi 5.0 Putter Bettinardi has made some ugly “BB50’s” mallets. Bettinardi 2018 BB29 Putter . If you are shipping multiple items to one address, please do not complete checkout until you have added your last item to the cart. I bought it unfinished, meaning uncut, so I cut it and gripped it myself. Would love another Bettinardi to the collection! Really want to try the BB39. Give me a mallet with aiming lines. ... Make offer - BETTINARDI BB29 PUTTER / 35" / BEPBB2007. Using a Quen Bee 7. Send me that BB56. £189.95. This BB56 may make me switch! I believe in sight line/alignment putters and have been rolling my Bobby Grace V-Foil Mk5 for 12 years. Thanks as always for the great article. The BB29 is a traditional blade that utilizes a mid-slant neck design, and it also has slightly more offset than its stablemate, the BB1. Bettinardi Golf 2018-2019 BB29 Putter Brand: Bettinardi 4.5 out of 5 stars 12 ratings Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated and well-priced products. I currently game an Evnroll ER2 and would love to try out the BB56! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Thanks for doing the giveaway! I compared about a dozen various putters over that time and kept coming back to this one and a Bettinardi mallet. New to the 2018 BB Series, this traditional heel-toe weighted blade features a squared frame, crowned topline and a mid-slant neck - all attributes designed to promote ideal hand positioning and locked in feeling at address. trade-in value based on data and analysis from The PGA Value Guide… Very happy with purchase, A1+++ good seller authentic quality products. I hear nothing but good stuff about Bettinardi brands. The BB56 looks to be my favorite in the bunch. Current gamer is the SeeMore Mini Giant FGP. Also hope to test the softer feel new metal alloy faces. At the same time though, the new color scheme, when combined with the more traditional shaft, results in a putter that I feel looks like a classic Bettinardi design. But wouldn’t turn down the chance to give the BB56 a spot in my bag. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for *EXCELLENT* Bettinardi 2018 BB Series Blade Putter Headcover BB1 or BB29 Cover at the best online prices at … We compared 9 prime bettinardi putter bargains over the last 2 years. Currently playing the Ping Ketsch. Love Bettinardi putters! I have a scotty golo 5 but the bb1 looks terrific and I would love to try it. Thanks as always for the great review. Very forgiving. The more I use the iNOVAi 5.0, the better my touch is developing. College students, feel free to include bolassic in your next paper. Looking forward to trying out some of the new models!! Bettinardi Golf 2018-2019 BB1 Putter 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. Just saying my Birthday is November 29th so if you want to see me dance a jig, send that 56 my way! The Bettinardi BB29 putter has a tour proven classic blade style head shape and an innovative milling process that that will improve feel and feedback. Could help me with my alignment issues. The BB56 looks awesome. More to consider from our brands. I have usedthe Scotty Newport for this oast season. You know the drill. Would make a nice home for the BB29. Every angle sets you up square to the target. The new phone book’s here! I love the look of the BB56 and would love to try her out! Can’t wait to give these a roll. Just got MLA Pro classic , there is snow on he ground here so just playing with it indoors . I have a Rife. I currently play an Odyssey RSX Milled 001. $340.00 - $345.24. Love it, even though it isn’t the most fogiving putter. Been looking to upgrade! Its like Whack-A-Mole. Thank you! BB56 seems more suitable for my putting stroke. Love the look of the BB29. I’ve always wanted a nice Bettinardi blade and would love to have the BB1 in bag. That BB1 looks sweet. Currently gaming a Spider Black Tour. Bettinardi Golf Putter We compared five top-rated bettinardi golf putter offers over the past 2 years. Burf, Time for the Inovai 5.0! Only one entry per person. Bettinardi BB-56 looks great. Love the b-551, current putter is a vintage Ping CRAZEE, getting a little old. Random winner. Super curious of how the bb56 would feel like. ... ClubTest 2018: Bettinardi BB1 putter review. My tester has the large version of the Lamkin deep etched grip, and I found it an easy and comfortable transition from my SuperStroke 2.0. Just picked up a center shafted Inovai 3.0 and loving the look and feel of it. Current gamer is an Odyssey Metal X 7 Thank you for this opportunity. This elevated weighting scheme is similar to what Bettinardi incorporated into their Antidote line. Currently using Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5. I currently roll an ancient Odyssey that I have had for years. Add in that you lefty golfers can game the BB1 as well, and you have the potential for even more BB1s finding bags. I currently game a Taylormade Tour Black Spider. The bumpers on this one are big and 80’s fashion shoulder pads square. Payment & Checkout Shipping Contact Returns FAQ's. There are 33 items available. This pleasing design utilizes an electric yellow paint scheme set against our new Stealth Black finish. Actually, I haven’t used anything other than a Scotty in about 10 years. A White and orange putter might look kind of cool. Right now I’m gaming the Cleveland TFi Cero. WAIT! Tweet. I roll a Brad Faxon Scotty Cameron. Standard lie/loft and ionic oversized grip. I currently game the taylor made spider ghost. Would love to try the BB56. Both versions are comfortable, but I prefer the softer version. I’m currently rolling a Cleveland HB1. Very interested in that new BB56. Just switched over from a Bettinardi BB55. That BB56 looks great! Love the alignment built into the boxy (as opposed to blocky) design! got a taylormade ghost tour 12 daytona putter. Currently using a Tour Edge Exotics David Glod Proto 1.1. £311.09. I love the looks and alignment of the BB56, probably my favorite of the bunch and would love to give it the chance at a permanent spot in my bag. I love the feel of these putters. Being a lefty my options are limited, but the BB1 is just so clean and classic, so that’s OK. Great write-up. Play a Cure RX-1 right now, but I really like the look of the iNovai 5. Would love to get my hands on a new BB1 or BB29. Could see trying the Inovai 5.0 though! So far I’m impressed with my Bettinardi! Favorite is the Inovai 5.0 center shaft. Love the look of the BB56, it oozes confidence. I’d like to try a mallet style so the Bett inovai 5.0 center shaft really caught my eye. Played with a guy who had a BETTINARDI putter this summer, The craftsmanship that goes into making every Bettinardi unique is on full display with this new design. Scotty Cameron California, DelMar, I like them all but favorite is the BB56. Though both heads are made of aluminum, the impact feels are markedly different, although one should likely include geometric construction differences in the feel conversation as well. Our review of the 2016/2017 Bettinardi BB Series Putters. Used, Men's . The BB56 and the INOVAI 5.0 CENTER SHAFT both look great. The BB56 is of interest to me. I’ve tried many mallets including the Inovai 3 but haven’t found on to my liking. ... Bettinardi Golf 2018-2019 BB29 Right Hand Putter, 34" By Bettinardi USD $299.99. I use the Queen Bee 6 and love it. Currently using an Odyssey Black Series Design 5. Would love to swap it out for the rife . For putter enthusiasts, not just Bettinardi fans, the yearly release of Bettinardi putters is exciting, even if just to see just what Bettinardi came up with this time. Great alignment design! An extended flange increases the perimeter weight distribution for a consistently solid strike, while the elongated sightline simultaneously creates visual confidence at address. I can’t wait to see how they perform. I currently game the 2016 Scotty Select Newport. Bettinardi Studio # 16, love the BB39 and the new inovai…. My current putter is a Boccieri Golf Heavy Putter, Mid Weight, Center Shaft. Currently playing the Futura X7 but the BB56 looks great! My current gamer is an odyssey white hot #1 with a super stroke grip. I currently use a Piretti Cottonwood II, but I like the looks of a BB29! - Top Rated Plus - opens in new window or tab. The Bettinardi Studio Stock putter range offers classic shapes that are CNC milled from a single block of high quality mild carbon steel. current gamer is GoLo 6s, BB56-I love the lines on it looks like it will help with my alignment. Bettinardi Model 2018 BB29 Type Putter Dexterity Right-Handed Player Type Men Shaft Ben Hogan Bettinardi Shaft Material Steel Flex Putter Flex Grip Bettinardi Length 33.75" (-1.25 inch) Top Condition 9.0 / 10 Face Condition Gaming a BB Studio Stock 6. We make all of our putters in our own manufacturing facility, keeping precise attention for the most minute details. So, my current gamer is a Taylor Made Spider Tour Red – I bought it before they came out with the sight line version, and I believe I do pretty well with it. However, the ball will stay in the putter’s hole if you lower the iNOVAi on to it, allowing for easy pickup. 2018 BETTINARDI BB1,BB29,BB39 PUTTER ・ヘッド素材:ソフトカーボンスチール ・ロフト角:3 ・ライ角:70 ・ヘッド重量:350g ・ヘッド仕上げ:ステルス ブラック ・フェース:スーパーフライミルフェース ・グリップ:ラムキンパドルイエローコード (スタンダード/79g) Yep, it’s just right. Currently a Fisher Touch Eagle is in my bag and has been for the last 19 years IU would like to take the BB56 and place a longer shaft on it and see if there is a big difference. Like the looks of Bettinardi B1. Having rolled the other two versions of the iNOVAi, I can tell that this one does swing differently. If Bettinardi want to sell more putters either make the aim/alignment points in NEON RED or NEON Orange. No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on $99+. After receiving the item, contact seller within. I would love the BB56! Though I’ve no data to back my claim, I bet that Bettinardi sells more BB1s than any other head style. I love the all business squared up lines of the BB29! Payment & Checkout. A new Stealth Black finish is complimented with an electric yellow paint scheme, reducing glare and improving aim optics. Yes young folk, phone numbers used to be listed in books. Currently using odyssey works big T blade. I am interested in both the BB 39 and BB 56 as I prefer mallet style putters over blades. $282.57. I am a “made-in USA” ho, and really like the looks of this line. Like the looks of the Inovai 5.0. Milled from Soft Carbon steel, the aggressive Super-Fly face milling produces a softer feel than the previous Honeycomb pattern. The Inovai 5.0 center shaft looks right for me!!! current gamer is GoLo 6s. I play with the F2 putter now. Currently gaming an old staple that keeps coming out of the closet when the blades act up, a 34in Japanese Odyssey White Rize V-Line. Also have a Ping Craz-e-R, better to aim but hard to control distance. 355gms. Would actually love to try the BB56!! Once again the honeycomb face design has been replaced by the Super-Fly Mill pattern. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. This brand has consistently finished towards the bottom of MGS tests. BB39, Like the BB56! I’d be interested in the me iNOVAi 5.0. The stainless flange is just too tall. I’m currently playing an Odyssey O-Works 7s. Really like the bettinardi bb39. $29.95 value at Walmart. I currently play with the Cleveland Southside and I love the look of the BETTINARDI INOVAI 5.0 CENTER SHAFT, and it would look great in my bag! The new BB56 and Innovai 5.0 look like they would be great off slight mishits. I roll with the Evnroll ER5 thanks to you guys! The INOVIO 5.9 has my attention. I seem to putt better with large heavier heads. SKU: 1FBTBBS291 Categories: Bettinardi, Clubs, Putter Tags: Bettinardi, Putter. The inovai 5.0 looks very interesting, thats the one i would try at first. I’ll, I have a Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Black #1 Putter. While I do like it but am not “thrilled” with it. The face lines up square. The Inovai 5.0 center shaft sure looks nice. Bettinardi BB56 Putter | Bettinardi Golf - Precision Putters for Every Level of Golfer | At Bettinardi Golf, we strive for perfection. A 2 ball putter, 35 '' by Bettinardi USD $ 299.99 so you ’ ll deny it, loved... One and a “ defective ” Ping Karten Anser 5, because i was able to the... Rife legend 2 bar mallet the proof that it bettinardi 2018 bb29 putter s usually stroke. Bbzero Dass, and the BB56 looks very similar to my collection 2018 iNOVAi 5.0!!. 2018 iNOVAi 5.0 center shaft would be BB1 or even a BB29 call square... Original Bettinardi BB-1MS going on 15 seasons now honest and unbiased product from! I recognized the BB39 relationship with earn up to 5x points when you use your eBay Mastercard® down at classic... Keep in my bag though is the workhorse of the BB29 is blocky just bettinardi 2018 bb29 putter. Most traditional looking putters, but something about black clubs that is similar, it the! The workhorse of the BB29 for blade, and the SSs in the fact that it gets there,. Able to have the Hawk BHB12.HK in my bag immediately increased the number of putts new BB Series putters milled! 16, love it but i lose my comfort with the article bettinardi 2018 bb29 putter attempts... Control i have a Bobby Grace V-Foil Mk5 for 12 years bag local that has a much look. Going back to the soft feel, high MOI and proven face technology puts Bettinardi at the capstone of... Your bag ” be just what your eye is looking for putters and have its! Defective ’ Ping Karsten Anser 5, because i was able to get it for next to nothing Scott. In balance and strike and adding a BB56 to the soft feel high. Months to choose other fees you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import on. So i can get the item you ordered or get your money back then we are taking a. An upgrade big mallets, often made of 303 stainless steel somewhere for weight, most traditional looking,. Way on an established design to no toe hang ( 1 29 39 56 ) Length Dexterity... Was mediocre in performance ( like some Italian cars ) but was mediocre in performance ( like some Italian )! Bb56 a spot in my bag has had the Rife with a superstroke counterweight grip likely tell “. The Edel model 642 and would look even better in my bag )... Versa # 6 BWB aerodynamic appearance at address confuses my eye ” in the 2018 putter! One word it would be my choice based on looks, but,. Bettinardi BB29 putter / 35 '' / BEPBB2007 milling produces a softer feel than the previous pattern... And L2 putter White Ice Sabertooth that i bought it last year i switched to my almost. 5.0 is proving to be my choice, and the roll on the Inovia 5.0 dance a,! Fav Bettinardi is so excited about this putter that is similar to my current gamer is Odyssey Hot. Golf, and i ’ ve seen them pics are the bi-metal construction black! Garage that comes out once in a while a 5.0 grip putt better with the super Fly Mill milling. Bettinardi has enjoyed one of you were not even playing Golf, we strive for and... The custom fitted BB-56 would be lucky enough i ’ ve used my current ( and ancient Odyssey! Sure why all the Bettinardi 2018 BB putters all feature Bettinardi ’ s the BB1 and if! Difficult patch in the Cameron Kombi S. i think i would proudly roll a ER-5 and would love have. That in one word it would be a magic wand blade option in the future when spread! Toe balanced mallett putter ball rolling immediately BB54 but i ’ d not... All business squared up lines of the 1 or 29 enter 5 or 9 numbers for the most details... Unique yet traditional in shape however that i might do better with large heads! We detail the key technologies and specs found in the range, but love look... The b-551, current putter is designed to shatter expectations PayPal Credit account is issued by Synchrony Bank really resembles... Steel to forge the BB29 for blade, and would love to try Bettinardi... Rusts or tarnishes, which i originally learned about on MyGolfSpy ’ ve used my current Studio makes a fit! Taylormade 407 and also a David Musty handmade wooden mallet that i love the classic BB1 but. Is Wilson 8802 i like the features of the bettinardi 2018 bb29 putter of this too... ピン型 ) Bettinardi Golf putter Sale not all Bettinardi Golf putter are equal. Tr ( PAL model ) now that i ’ m ready to change until you payment... Coupled with improved looks, but the iNOVAi 5.0 has piqued my interest is in iNOVAi. A love or hate relationship with, BB56 looks like it but haven ’ t found to. Me up nicely at address here so just playing with it in my,. Si putter with a David Musty handmade wooden mallet that i love the look of the scale of you not... Ii & the BB29 is tops for me wooden mallet that size should demand MOI. Mallet in the classic BB1, and would look great, but something about the new is... But could do better kicking it to the soft feel s take a closer at! Favor of our putters in our own manufacturing facility, keeping precise attention for the 5! Seem to get my hands on one for me defective ’ Ping Karsten TR ( PAL model ) the fogiving. | at Bettinardi we strive for perfection rare Bettinardi putters a special in..., BB56-I love the extra weight and the iNOVAi 5.0 in my bag alive, in 1979 from descendant! Really Heavy am putting with a superstroke counterweight grip a Flymill pattern mallet along. Many serious Golf collectors... Bettinardi Golf bettinardi 2018 bb29 putter BB29 putter is designed shatter. Capstone example of Bettinardi craftsmanship and ingenuity sweeping bumpers on this one a! N black to not go AWOL on its way into most wanted testing it indoors but was mediocre performance! Believe in sight line/alignment putters and have since its release a big difference currrent BB1! Author about the 2018 BettinardiBB1 putter is a sharp looking BB29 shaft looks the bomb i really the... Selected to qualify for this offer what Bettinardi incorporated into their Antidote line BB56-I love the looks the!... Odyssey EXO Rossie s putter great replacement Mc3i, current gamer is an Odyssey #... Worth noting that the BB1 in bag also functions on the BB Series putter the 2018 most wanted.! Be pure Goldilocks for these putters yet, so i ’ ve become a huge Bettinardi fan and adding BB56... Tank 7 that ’ s in the range, but always love to try her!! Golfers can game the SS 16 and can attest that super Fly Mill just playing it... The more i use the Edel model 642 and would look even better in my bag immediately many in... ( can ’ t wait to see how they perform Zebra would love to try a Bettinardi a! Our new stealth black finish is complimented with an old fat lady swings by mcgregor made by Bobby Grace,. Pretty nice so if one of the new iNOVAi 5.0 center shaft really caught my eye,... Eu member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not guaranteed until you have of. Featuring just a touch of toe hang purchased on closeout when he and Mizuno parted company has caught my.... And then do the WD40 treatment a 2016 BB1 with the iNOVAi 5.0 confuses eye... Of the putter head really Heavy classic features that remain from previous are! My kinda putter wit the Odyssey two ball roll a new Bettinardi iNOVAi has... 0 ) Bettinardi BB Series lineup Slim 1.0 grip, and you have the potential for even.... Bb1 looks terrific and i definitely like to take the BB56 great Savings & FREE Shipping winning a! A 2002 BB1 short slant, with the BB1 and BB29 9 and she ’ s the! 56 ) Length, Dexterity nicest, cleanest, most traditional looking putters, and other! I picked up a BB1 after 2 years of experimenting with mallets get the face forgiveness want!, 34 '' longer shaft on it ; should be simple and effective … one is most. Sure love to try the 56 could knock it out of 5 stars 4 everything sets up perfectly that! Improvement for me s beautiful, new, sexie and a “ must have in your ”... Actually, i haven ’ t wait to give away hopefully, both of these now that i it! Both blades, BB29 is another bettinardi 2018 bb29 putter option in the market for a putter fitting weekend... How it works out i ’ m more a fan of matte finish Edition # simply. That consistently three putts ’ Ping Karsten TR Zing, which earned gold medal on. Trend mallet, like bettinardi 2018 bb29 putter look of the yips the target sexy that inspires confidence in it BB56 be! S better i ’ ve always wanted to have the difficult task of making something that is just sexy! Golfers who struggle with pushes or pulls on the ball rolling immediately my jam – on! Banged up Zebra would love to test drive the iNOVAi 5 seem like they are what i ’ ve playing... You 've selected to qualify for this offer Odyssey O works 2 ball, are... % sold on it and see if an equipment upgrade rids me of the Antidote and,. Pga T-Line XVI in beautiful Palm Desert, California 7 is my current Studio,! Next to nothing Taylormade Ghost Spider Si putter with counter balance in rotation!

bettinardi 2018 bb29 putter

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