I came back to my body with a crash, the power of Ohr Ein Sof leaping from my fingers in a rush of annihilating light. This has been pulled from his Spacebattles publishment at threads/rwby-the-gamer-the-games-we-play-disk-five.341621/. If Malkuth was the result, Metatron allowed me to adjust the equation. It was one of the things I thought I could depend on even against Malkuth—and I kept it at the ready here. You're still young," She said. Your level has increased by one! I scanned the room with my senses, sent out waves of searching light, glowing softly as I altered the way my senses manifested, and more, but I couldn't find a thing. But I'd also known that the moment I proved myself strong enough to do whatever it was Malkuth intended, he'd try to force my hand—to make me give him his freedom. He had no physical presence, no spirit, beyond what I created with a self-imposed illusion, but as I crafted the Delusion it slipped from my hold in an odd way and the figure began to move in his own right. And I couldn't allow that, not when I might have been able to stop it. This is not my story, I repeat, NOT MINE!! Was there a material component to it here somewhere, a physical vector? I can't, honestly, which is my I don't. That was one of the greatest powers Metatron granted me—control of my power and how it appeared. I frowned for a moment, actually allowing the expression to show as I considered the room and what lay beneath the surface. The reasons behind it all and…the nature of Metatron's Cube?". Your level has increased by one! Were my opponents that good at hiding or was there truly nothing there? Would you like to know? English Novel Question The thread has been frozen and there's been no new content for a week or so now. I wondered why Intelligence and Wisdom seem to be the exception and I started thinking about whether they were different in real life, too, and how. It was okay. A skill has been created through a special action! All of it was present in this one time, this one place. That'd take some pretty serious space-time fuckery at the very minimum, but Malkuth probably could have managed it if he'd had a chance. Also known as Their Styles or kanogi. Was there anything hidden and lying in wait. "Hello," A voice said. "I was playing a game, I guess. This is not my story, I repeat, NOT MINE!! He looked at me for a moment and then smiled, lifting an empty hand. Hi there, Guest Only registered users can really experience what DLP has to offer. My mom put down the dish she'd been washing, turning to face me fully with her head tilted to the side. As I did, I saw a figure who didn't appear to any of my other senses, because he existed only in my…not quite my mind, as such, but within the system I was now a part of. The colors shifted and changed minutely, too small for a regular eye to notice, but I saw it slowly shifting in tune with the sky above. Read Grinding from the story The Games We Play by tjsteele810 (Travis Steele) with 3,219 reads. The Games We Play - By Ryuugi Chapter 1: New Game, a rwby fanfic | FanFiction. Closing my eyes for a moment, I remembered what Conquest had said during our fight, about the things he and his brothers had done. Your level has increased by one! And, uh, why don't I handle the dishes?". She said, patting my cheek again as she turned away. The deal had been in his favor in that regard at least. And with a sensation like the tap of a keyboard, I remembered what it had been like to learn my true name—Metatron. The Gamer/RWBY crossover fan fiction written by Ryuugi. Follow/Fav The Games We Play - By Ryuugi. It even fit with the general state of things here, the emptiness and lack. Before that, however…as the items appeared before me, I snatched them up with my Psychokinesis and held them in the air before me. Your level has increased by one! No. It didn't make sense for Malkuth not to leave anyone inside, just in case. It had been suspicious as all hell from the very beginning, leaving only a small handful of options. Yeah it pretty much just becomes a story in a RWBY AU or a story using RWBY's characters and setting rather then a RWBY fanfic. I waited a moment, searching—and then frowned. Large enough to fit the inhabitants of entire Kingdoms in, maybe the inhabitants of all the Kingdoms—it was so large, in fact, that I had to catch myself as I started wondering what the point of it all even was, because it took me a moment to remember that at one point there had been people enough to justify such a thing. This is the site were I originally found it, https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/rwby-the-gamer-the-gam... #crossover Death could be lying in wait, positioned somewhere I couldn't see even with Metatron active. "Though memories might not be precisely the right word. Then I started walking. There were what might have once been forms of storage, from glass tubes to screens, and an entire wall of what must have once been samples. By now, you no doubt know me as Keter, seeing as you must have already remembered our true name, and it's hopefully safe to assume you're my reincarnation, unless I failed and made some dramatic oversight. The only problem was that Malkuth was better equipped to skirt the edges of it than I was. Anyway on with the show...err read. ", "Well, I'd say that it's ideal to have both intelligence and Wisdom," She said. Your level has increased by one! is playable on the PlayStation Portable , and was released on April 30, 2009. Either way, we'd just have to deal with it. Your level has increased by one! ryuugi, gamer, crossover. All of these games, we play I can't even keep 'em all straight Do we mean what we say We got lines crossed all over the place, yeah I can't tell if I'm winning or losing. How unique is the name Ryuugi? Ozpin's words hadn't done it justice. **See story description for disclaimer** Play Games & Die by Games We Play, released 23 September 2016 1. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! That was my life, I suppose. The first was that it was a trap—which was still a possibility. Slowly, I let me hand drop to my side, the tension that had built up within me over the course of the fight easing as I relaxed, receiving what was perhaps the best possible confirmation I could ask for. The circuitry that had seemed to go nowhere was lighting up, filling with the patterns of my own Aura as it used me as a power source and I could see where another person standing in the same place might have created a different configuration. I really, truly hoped not, but maybe. "And Malkuth, through him. That honor has gone to the beautiful bastard Ryuugi. I was a bit worried, you see; as you probably expected, I don't remember much about my previous life—and I remember more of the early days than the later ones. My spirit left my body behind and I closed my eyes for a moment before turning around and opening them. The Games We Play Fanfiction. I'd say that Wisdom was the ability to make good choices and Intelligence a way to give you more choices. There was only so much I could do on short notice, especially with so much uncertainty involved, so I borrowed this trick. It looked like a cross between a skyscraper and a palace, made out of similar materials as the rest of the city but crafted in such a way that the light shining through it made it softly glow. "Don't worry about it—whatever the case, I'm glad for this chance to finally see myself. Our life? ", "I, uh..." I scratched my cheek as I frowned slightly. Your level has increased by one! Maybe. A skill like Trespasser that was normally either a personal transfer or a shattering effect, I could cover another with, form into a doorway, or whatever else I chose. This has been pulled from his Spacebattles publishment at threads/rwby-the-gamer-the-games-we-play-disk-five.341621/. But instead…it was here. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Fanfic/Ryuugis The Games We Play; If you meant one of those, just click and go. I just sort of...stared at the blue box that appeared before my eyes for a moment and then exhaled slowly, shaking my head. The buildings seemed as if they'd been arranged carefully, the streets and skylines somehow artistic in placement, and even on a personal level it was remarkable. Yet were everything else was dead, I could feel something within it. 1,745 new members have already joined the OTW, out of our … And I never thought about it until a few days ago, but its like, all the others are obviously different, right? I assume you're a record of some kind? The walls bore claw marks, as did the ceiling and floor, and I could see other things purely by their absence here, with items that should have been there and items of shelves simply gone. This has been pulled from his Spacebattle publishment. "Just how it's better to be strong and fast and tough and lucky, rather than just one in particular, but that's very rarely possible, is it? But if I had to, I guess I could describe this as my special ability. Not quite an AI, but—", "Not quite a person," He finished, smiling. Too close for even me to be comfortable with, to not feel just a little tired and worried. Near the center of the room there was a raised platform, empty of anything at all, but none of the chaos went anywhere near it. I sighed and turned to the dishes, washing them one by one. [6] [36] [37] The player assumes the role of Ryuji Takasu where he moves around school and town, conversing with characters and working towards multiple endings as part of an original storyline.

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